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Green Nightcrawlers



(Ephemera Simulans - Hexagenia)

The Brown Drake, mayfly nymphs (Ephemera Simulans - Hexagenia) are called wigglers in Green Bay Wisconsin. Do not confuse this with the Red Wigglers or small worms (Eisenia fetida) these two animals are completely different. The Brown Drake, mayfly nymph is in its aquatic larval stage of its life cycle. Wigglers are generally found in lakes, rivers and streams. Brown Drake, mayfly nymphs are known to be a burrowing nymph that builds its home out of mud and sand forming a wide U shaped tunnel. Wigglers have feather looking gills on the sides of their abdomens which helps them breathe and propel themselves. They also have three long tails.

 Wigglers are most commonly used as fishing bait in the winter months but it is not uncommon to be used when ever they are available. Wigglers are seasonable live bait and can only be found certain times of year depending on what stage of their life they are in. There are also a lot of fly fishermen who try to mimic the Brown Drake mayfly and its nymph. Wigglers are great bait for catching fish. I especially like the presentation of a wiggler on a small ice jig. When Ice fishing with a small bobber, you can actually see the bobber going up and down when the wiggler is swimming, so you know when, and when not to move your rod. Almost all species of fresh water fish love this dainty treat. The Brown Drake mayfly nymph (wiggler) is my personal favorite ice fishing bait. I figure, if you canít catch a panfish on a live wiggler they probably not biting or your fishing in the wrong spot.

If you are interested in purchasing wigglers in bulk, we have them available in Three affordable options.

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Approx 200-250 Count
1/2 PINT
Approx 400-500 Count
Approx 800-1000 Count

Drake mayfly nymph (wiggler)


Please dispose of all bait in the trash after fishing.

*Wisconsin Residents will be charged Sales Tax*

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