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If you own a convenient store in or around the Green Bay area, selling Live Bait is a great way to bring in more customers.

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Green Nightcrawlers



(Tenebrio Molitor)

 Attention all amphibian, reptile and bird owners: Here is the food your pet has been waiting for. We offer a high protein snacks (mealworms) for your pets. If you would like to attract more wild birds like woodpeckers, orioles, cardinals and robins, try giving the birds a tasty treat like mealworms.  Mealworms are the larval form of the mealworm beetle or darkling beetle. The mealworm beetle has been known to hang around feed mills and areas where there is a constant food supply. Mealworms and mealworm beetles prefer foods like wheat bran, oats and flower. Potatoes, carrots and banana peels are also some favorite foods for mealworms. It is not necessary to feed your mealworms unless you plan on growing them or holding on to them a long time. If you keep mealworms in the refrigerator they will go dormant and last for several months. If you decide to feed your mealworms, you notice that they will molt their exoskeletons. This molting process happens at least 10 times before they enter the next phase of their lives, which is the pupa. The pupa is approximately 5/8 inches long and white. The pupa will seem to be dormant and not moving but the color will darken in time. After several weeks a darkling beetle will emerge.

If you are looking to buy mealworms in bulk to feed your pets or to go fishing with, we can help. We offer a quality product at affordable pricing with guaranteed live delivery.

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Please dispose of all bait in the trash after fishing.
*Wisconsin Residents will be charged Sales Tax*

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