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Green Nightcrawlers



(Eristallis Tenax)

Rat tailed maggots, otherwise known as Mousees or mousies is the larval form of the Drone fly ( Eristalis tenax). They get their name from the shape of their long tail. Mousees or mousies will extend their tails to reach the surface of the water.  The tail is used to breathe thru somewhat like a breathing tube. Mousees can be found in polluted water containing organic matter. Once the larva decides its time to pupate it will crawl up out of the water and turn grayish - black for a couple of weeks until its ready to become a Drone fly. The Drone fly resembles a Honey bee but is a little smaller and has no stinger because it is a fly. The adult Drone flies will feed on the nectar and pollen of some flowers and will help in the pollinating process.

 Mousees are a very popular form of live bait for anglers especially ice fishermen. The color of mousees or mousies are off white to light tan in appearance. They are able to move their tails around after they are put on a hook which helps adds attraction while fishing. There are many types of panfish and trout that love the taste of mousees.

If you are interested in buying mousees or mousies in bulk, we can save you time and money. We sell and ship large quantities at affordable prices. If you purchase mousees in bulk you can store them in the refrigerator for several weeks to slow down the growth rate. Do not freeze. Because mousees are a seasonable bait, they can only be purchased November March.

MOUSEES 250 Count 500 Count 1000 Count


Please dispose of all bait in the trash after fishing.

*Wisconsin Residents will be charged Sales Tax*

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