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Please dispose of all bait in the trash after fishing.


Live Bait at your Location

If you own a convenient store in or around the Green Bay area, selling Live Bait is a great way to bring in more customers.

Pre packaged live bait is available for store front business outside Green Bay WI. For pre packaged live bait and shipping cost please Contact Us


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(Calliphoridae Vicina)

 If your about to eat lunch, you may want hold off for a few minutes. Our website isnít the most appetizing unless youíre a fish. Have you ever taken out the garbage and seen maggots. Live maggots, crawling and wiggling around in the nasty trash living on decaying garbage. These maggots are similar to the same spikes we sell in bulk. They both come from Blow flies but ours are commercially raised to keep up with the demand. Our spikes are about a Ĺ inch long and are white with two tiny black eyes. Spikes will eat for about a week then turn into a brown cocoon. You can slow down the growth rate if you keep them in the refrigerator. Do not freeze. Spikes can last for about 2 weeks until they will start to pupate into cocoons.  Some anglers will also fish with the cocoons. The brown cocoons will hatch in a couple of weeks and turn into Blow flies and start to repeat their lifecycle.

 Spikes are used for ice fishing more often than open water fishing. Panfish like bluegill, perch and crappie are commonly fished for with spikes. Whitefish and trout also eat spikes. Sometimes fishing in the winter, the bite can be pretty tough and sometimes very small finesse baits with natural scent like spikes works best.

Spikes also make the ultimate pet spider food after they turn into flies. The cocoons will turn into flies if removed from refrigeration. Place a few cocoons into your pet spider cage and watch the final life cycle of a maggot. Pet spiders are carnivorous and only want live prey. If you have a pet spider and are looking for spider food, we can help. This spider food is loaded with nutrients to help keep your pet spider healthy.


Please order online today to get your spikes in bulk.

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Please dispose of all bait in the trash after fishing.

*Wisconsin Residents will be charged Sales Tax*

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